Allergies !!!!

Spring has arrived, and with it come the majority of atopic allergies, many derived antigens, such as pollen, mold, dead cells, dust, smoke and many other substances. Affect both dogs and cats, but more dogs.
The main symptom is itching, and usually manifest between 6 months and 3 years old. Símtomes as scratching the face, elbows, itchy ears, lick their feet, often a significant atopy possible. At first the problem is temporary, and as time passes and untreated, can become the year.
If you observe any of these symptoms, and there is also a temporary, it is best to trust your vet, who made the diagnosis.
The atopy can not be cured, but it can control the symptoms of your pet. The most important priority is to know if atopy is derived from food or any foreign antigen. Once you have determined what causes itching, apart from medication prescribed by your veterinarian, there are a number of products that help reduce atopy:
                - Food special atopic Mini atopic Hypoal.lergènic. (Affinity)
                - Special Treatment Shampoo
                - Nutritional Supplements: Dermaforte.
All these products with good administration, along with a follow proper veterinarian will make your friend and you do not suffer from annoying itching of spring.