5.1 Get cub
The first thing to know is that we are responsible to educate our puppy and he's not going to learn that education alone.
The puppy misbehaves curiosity or boredom, but he does not know, and therefore we who have to teach him to obey and to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong and what is allowed between and what does not. In short, correct their natural behavioral problems.
Different dog breeds have evolved according to the tasks for which man has prepared and, following that, the dog's breed determines largely the character of the puppy. It is important to know the characteristics of the breed of puppy, as well understand the reasons for their behavior and know in which aspects of his character and behavior to be highlighted more.
The dog comes from the wolf, which is governed by the existence of a leader who gives orders; we adopt this leading role because we obey and respect us as superior beings to him.
5.2 How we act
We have to be consistent with the way we act.
Follow the same steps every order we give .
Never use violence as punishment .
Reward his good behavior with many strokes and some candy .
Do not yell because it might scare and use the appropriate tone for each circumstance .
Practical advice :
To achieve that we consider their leader and we end up obeying have to follow some basic rules :
We must be kind but firm and not give in to what he wants.
the tone of our voice helps us communicate :
• To motivate when you say " come " or " my side " use
to a high or acute .
• To show command and control serenity
a normal tone .

To make their needs correctly
The goal is to get the puppy does not make their needs indoors. Before learning this abroad, it must be vaccinated and dewormed. If not, it may not be known to control.
This learning requires four basic steps:
1. Consistency in mealtimes
This is important because if we feed every day at the same time regulate your digestive system and want the puppy defecate after meals. After each meal to draw the walk, always in the same place. We will stay by his side and cheerful tone will tell you "come" or "pee times" to go associating these words to your needs. When finished, the happiness back home. Why not get confused, do not ride too long.
Maybe the puppy to urinate or defecate feel like getting up in the morning, after a nap, after drinking water after playing or before going to sleep. If there is more than one way out, we always use it to get it out, so we can warn smelling it or scratching it luck when you want

Practical advice :
what to do if the puppy is lost ?
It is essential that the puppy will obey because if it does not to be missed.
To retrieve it if lost will carry a plaque identified
or a microchip , but still follow these tips:
• Show your photo to the neighbors and tell them where and when it was seen for the last time .
• Hang up posters in the area , stores and schools ,
along with your photo, a brief
description and a telephone number or an address where we can find if found .
• Ask if the animal shelters have come across and hang posters .
• Put an ad in the local press with the same data.